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Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Is Blogging


What Is Blog:

A Blog is a website like a news journal or a personnel diary, which is updated regular basis, it contains detail about a topic and description about a product.
blog is a very famous and simple way to make money online. it is famous as a online journal or diary.

Who Is Blogger:

A blogger is a person which is used to write posts and article on a subject on regular basis, and create a content related to same subject.
Single Blogger and multiple blogger writes can writes posts on a same blogger.

What Is Blogging:

Blog is a google hosted website which is used to write your article and publish your thoughts to the world easily.
now days blogger is a powerful tool to express own's feelings and share own knowledge to the world and reach millions readers who is looking for the right and meaningful content.

if you are understand it in better way then now you are ready to go for blogging...happy Blogging.

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